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  1. Choose the webinar course that matches the English course you're studying (all of our webinars follow the latest syllabuses)

        •  GCSE English Language
        •  IGCSE English
        •  IELTS Academic English
  2. Subscribe and you'll get access to 4 x 1 hour webinars each month at a convenient time, whatever country you're in. Connect via your PC or tablet to reinforce what you've already learnt.
  3. Webinars are recorded, and your subscription lets you replay all the webinars you've taken part in, as many times as you want – perfect when revising for exams.
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Why choose Your Webinar Teacher?

  • Study English from the comfort of home, where you feel most relaxed.
  • Carefully designed webinars will give you confidence when preparing for exams.
  • A new way of interactive learning at your convenience, using the latest technology.
  • Great value for money, whether you subscribe alone or as a school group.
  • Our material is regularly trialled with UK and overseas students to maintain quality.
  • All teachers are compliant with UK safeguarding legislation and have DBS clearance.
  • Inspiring students and breaking boundaries in our clear vision for students at the De La Salle Academy ... As an alternative method of learning, the webinars have certainly boosted the confidence levels of the students taking part.

    David Hayes - Principal, De La Salle Academy
  • Interactive and engaging webinars which give students an in-depth understanding of the questions on the GCSE English Language papers. The sessions are both accessible and challenging for the less able, yet stretch the more able.

    Jayne Booth - English Teacher
  • It was certainly most informative and interesting for our students to experience the potential for them to improve their skills in English through the use of the webinar service offered by and for the interaction this can provide.

    Mrs Bao - New Plus Education Training School, Jiaxing, China
  • A new experience ... starts off easy then really challenges us ... mixes it up!

    Connor - Year 11 student
  • Webinars offered our students a fantastic opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and apply a deeper analysis to challenging questions on the examination paper. A real boost to students who may lack self-confidence and need that extra support to cross grade boundaries.

    Sheelagh M.Trotter - School Community Engagement Manager
  • We are very happy to associate with Your Webinar Teacher who conducted tuition for our students to help develop their Spoken English as well as their skills in Reading and Writing. The techniques and activities used helped our students and will be able to develop English language for students across the globe .

    Ch.Vasu Prakash - Director, Sri Prakash Schools, Vizakhapatnam, India
  • .. has helped my daughter prepare for her GCSE in English Language ... attention to detail and enthusiasm has appealed greatly to Jessica ... a wealth of experience and natural passion.

    Sharon - Parent
  • Targeted exam questions specifically.

    Joe - Year 11 student
  • A good balance of humour and professionalism.

    Josh - Year 11 student
  • .. an innate ability to create strong relationships with both staff and students allowing for a shared motivation to embed sustained progress in all students .. experienced professional who adds depth at crucial times in the academic year.

    Ian Parry - Principal, Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

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