We’re proud of the work we do and that’s why we always like to receive student feedback. Here are some recent comments from a range of Year 11 students who are all studying for the GCSE English Language examination.

One student reported valuing the work done to help familiarise him with the questions he’ll be faced with on the GCSE English Language papers. Why did he find this so valuable? For the simple reason that when he sits down to take the actual examination later this year, there shouldn’t be any shocks or surprises.

Another student reported valuing our sessions for going into more depth than they’re accustomed to; they like the added detail combined with the pace of the sessions.

They tell us they never get bored!

Spontaneous explanations are another feature of the sessions that students value that help to bring the subject matter to life.

Perhaps most gratifying to hear from the students was that the sessions have helped to “open up their minds” and to “see things in a different way“.

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