Need to produce some narrative or descriptive writing?

Sometimes you just run out of steam. 

Sometimes you just can’t get started.

And sometimes, you want your writing to be that little bit more original.

Here’s a simple recipe that should help.

First of all, put any thoughts of writing long sentences to one side.

Next, think of a noun. Any noun will do.

So far, so good.

Now think of a verb.

Don’t overthink this. It can be any verb really.

Trust me!

Now put the noun and the verb together. 

Hey presto, you’ve just created an original, short sentence.

Here are some of mine:

  • Books slept.
  • Computers hiss.
  • Sunlight begged.

Now imagine inserting original short sentences such as these into your own descriptive or narrative writing. 

Time for just a few more:

  • Cups collapsed.
  • Pens survived
  • Phones devour.

These are all great sentences.

I’m certainly not suggesting you should be writing sentences like these all the time, but used now and again, they can help to turbo-charge a narrative, or flip a fairly conventional piece of descriptive writing on its head.

Why not have a go?