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Making a Start with the Descriptive Writing Question

AQA have made it clear that you may not have a choice between Descriptive and Narrative Writing for Question 5 on Paper 1 of their GCSE English Language examination. So it’s really important that you feel ready to tackle Descriptive Writing just in case that’s all that’s available on the exam paper. Students often seem…

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Making a Start with the Structure Question

You rattled through Paper 1,  Question 1 listing four details as instructed. This was a straightforward information retrieval question and there’s no reason, carelessness aside, why you shouldn’t get the full 4 marks. Next, you tackled Question 2 and this was definitely as little harder. The question began with the word How so you knew you had…

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Be Your Own Google

We all like to look our best, play our best, and be our best. It’s human nature. But try just a little too hard to impress and it can backfire. Your GCSE English exams are no different, especially when it comes to vocabulary choices. Here are a couple of examples from a Year 11 student…

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Boost your Spelling Performance

If you’re taking an English exam any time soon you can be certain that you need to try to make sure your spelling is up to scratch. To give you an example, the GCSE English Language examination will be awarding a significant number of marks for technical accuracy. Take the AQA GCSE English Language examination…

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