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A Recipe for Originality in your Descriptive or Narrative Writing.

Need to produce some narrative or descriptive writing? Sometimes you just run out of steam.  Sometimes you just can’t get started. And sometimes, you want your writing to be that little bit more original. Here’s a simple recipe that should help. First of all, put any thoughts of writing long sentences to one side. Next,…

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Which one’s Which?

You’re just about to tackle Paper 2 on the GCSE English paper and you’ve been given two sources to read.  One from the 19th Century Non Fiction and one from the 20th or 21st Century Non Fiction. I’d always assumed it was easy to tell which was which. Until recently when I heard a Year…

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Destination GCSE English Language.

Out on a bright, crispy morning walking my dog, Henry, and high above, a white jetstream was soaring out towards the Atlantic. A quick look at the Flight Radar app on my phone tells me it’s a Lufthansa cargo plane en route from Frankfurt to Chicago. The current forecast for Chicago O’Hare International Airport is…

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Relish the Challenge of Reading 19th Century Non-Fiction on GCSE English Paper 2

The 19th Century gave the world some really big and important stuff. Amazing engineering feats such as the launch of the SS.Great Britain in 1843 which combined size, power and innovative technology and changed maritime history. Or the iconic Brooklyn Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York for the first time. Breakthroughs in Science,…

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Warm Up With GCSE English – Paper 2, Question 1

Last week’s Twitter poll for Your Webinar Teacher was clear – most of you are finding GCSE English Paper 2 more difficult than Paper 1. In our forthcoming blog posts we’ll help you develop the skills and understanding to tackle Paper 2 and be confident of success in the GCSE English exam itself. Let’s start…

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