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Descriptive Writing Tips for GCSE English

The descriptive writing question on your GCSE English Language paper carries a lot of marks and can make a big difference to your final grade. This blog post with free download sheet will provide you with an explanation of how to produce an original piece of descriptive writing in response to the question. In addition,…

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Practise descriptive writing for the GCSE English Language exam.

The descriptive writing question on Paper 1 carries a lot of marks so it’s certainly worth practising this to maximise your score. Typically, the GCSE English Language exam paper will provide you with a photo and ask you to describe something as suggested by the picture.  In light of today’s winter storms lashing the U.K., now…

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Destination GCSE English Language.

Out on a bright, crispy morning walking my dog, Henry, and high above, a white jetstream was soaring out towards the Atlantic. A quick look at the Flight Radar app on my phone tells me it’s a Lufthansa cargo plane en route from Frankfurt to Chicago. The current forecast for Chicago O’Hare International Airport is…

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Sweat Like A Robot – Improving Your GCSE English Exam Performance.

Scientists in Japan have created a humanoid robot that can work out and even sweat just like a human. These new robots can be used as crash test dummies and to design muscle analytics for athletes and sports. It’s all about reducing risk and improving performance. Got me thinking about how we could apply this…

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