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A Recipe for Originality in your Descriptive or Narrative Writing.

Need to produce some narrative or descriptive writing? Sometimes you just run out of steam.  Sometimes you just can’t get started. And sometimes, you want your writing to be that little bit more original. Here’s a simple recipe that should help. First of all, put any thoughts of writing long sentences to one side. Next,…

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Choose Your Words Carefully.

There were clouds down by the river today. It had been a hot summer and the clouds came as a shock after endless days of bright, blue skies and sunshine. The clouds brought to mind ‘Both Sides Now’, written by Canadian songwriter, Joni Mitchell, in 1969, in which she reflects on the different ways of…

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Letting Memories Surface in your Writing.

When it comes to the writing question on Paper 1 of the AQA GCSE English Language examination, there’ll be a  photograph provided which you’ll be asked to use as the basis for your written response. The exam board is putting a clear focus on the image itself as your main source of ideas.  But don’t…

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