GCSE English was first introduced in 1988 and has been successfully taken by many thousands of students. It’s undergone a number of changes over the years but a major development was introduced for students taking the exam for the first time in 2017 with the introduction of a 100 per cent examination format. Your Webinar Teacher offers GCSE English online tuition that reflects these changes.

The GCSE English examination has always been challenging as success in this vital subject has been crucial in enabling students to move forward to sixth form study or employment in the first instance, and later, to university and other higher education courses. It’s certainly a requirement for most universities and their course and helps to assess your eligibility. GCSE English online tuition can provide a great pathway to success studying for this important examination.

Reasons to take the GCSE English exam

It’s not only been taken by 16 year olds at school. Many older students have taken it as a means of improving their own career or education prospects as adults. The employment market is an increasingly competitive one and a pass in GCSE English is a sought after qualification among employers large and small.

Recent changes to the Apprenticeship route also means that a pass in GCSE English is important for those students wishing to pursue this particular pathway.

Whatever your requirements you can study GCSE English online with Your Webinar Teacher. Our GCSE English online tuition service can make all the difference.

So, what does the GCSE English look like? What skills and understanding will it require that you develop?

GCSE English is typically taught by specialist teachers who are experts in their field. Much guidance and preparation is required during a GCSE English course to maximise your prospects of success. In addition, they’ll need to inspire and motivate the students to bring out the best in you.

GCSE English is tested across two examination papers, usually lasting for around a total of 3 hours, 30 minutes. You will need to show that you can read fluently as well as be able to evaluate texts critically. In addition, you will need to be able to make comparisons between texts.

When it comes to writing, you will need to show that you can write effectively and demonstrate confident control of Standard English. Writing questions will require you to produce either narrative or descriptive writing as well as being able to write to present a particular viewpoint.

When writing in the GCSE English examination, you will also need to show a good level of technical accuracy. This will involve writing grammatically correct sentences and using punctuation and spelling accurately.

Of course, you will be supported and encouraged to acquire and apply a wide vocabulary in your writing and when expressing your understanding of the written word.

At yourwebinarteacher.com our online tuition study programme aims to support you in all aspects of your GCSE English studies whether you’re still in school and looking forward to sixth form study next year, or someone looking to improve your chances of securing a job or a place on an apprenticeship course. You might also be a young person looking to improve their grade to enhance your prospects of getting a place on a particular course at a particular university.

Our webinars form the basis of study for our GCSE English online tuition and are also well suited to adult learners who may be looking to new directions in terms of study or future employment.