provides online tuition for students in English in both the UK and around the world. In addition to the GCSE English course, we also offer online tuition to cater for those students who might be taking the Cambridge International Education IGCSE in English.

What is IGCSE?

The IGCSE is a hugely significant qualification which has evolved over the last 25 years or so and which has an excellent reputation in schools worldwide among both teachers and students.

The Cambridge International Education IGCSE in English currently caters for UK and overseas students as follows:

  • Syllabus 0627 for UK/First Language students until June 2019
  • Syllabus 0990 for UK/First Language students from June 2020
  • Syllabus 0500 for Overseas/First Language students ongoing
  • Syllabus 0510 and 0511 for Overseas/Second Language students ongoing

Students are eligible to take this qualification from countries all around the world including Argentina, China, India, Qatar, the UAE, the USA as well as much of Eastern and Southern Asia.

Whether from UK or overseas, students follow the IGCSE English course confident that this is an excellent qualification that is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide. As such, it’s a great stepping stone to future academic and career progression and success.

Students who follow the IGCSE English course will develop a range of skills and abilities including;

  • the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when speaking and writing
  • being able to use a wide range of vocabulary as well as demonstrating accuracy with grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • being able to develop and use a personal style and an understanding and awareness of the audience being addressed

In addition to this, you will also be encouraged to read widely, for personal enjoyment and to deepen your awareness and understanding of how English can be used.